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Preventative Anti- Icing


De-icing and Snow Plowing

Certified Snow Professionals

Servicing commercial lots and medical facilities
Pro active liquid pre treatment

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Prepare for Snow and Ice Storms With an

Anti-Icing Pre-Treatment


The time to schedule your anti-icing and snow plowing is before the storm. Contact us now to get on our monitoring, pre-treatment, and snowplowing routes.

Freezing Rain, Black Ice, and Frozen Fogs

One liquid anti-icing application on your property can reduce ice for multiple days and nights.

Small Snowfalls


Anti-icing pre-treatments creates a bond-breaker between your surfaces and snow so you melt clear twice as fast as an untreated site. Additionally the ability of ice to form and bond is greatly reduced for multiple days and nights.

Large Snowstorms


Until our snowplows arrive, an anti-icing treatment can keep your surfaces passable. One pre-treatment will allow our plows to get to safe surfaces quickly, reducing plow expenses. 

Delivering Anti-Icing and Snow Plowing services with a steadfast commitment to safety and the local community, our trusted professional boasts over a decade of invaluable experience in the winter service industry.



Al and Krissy Riedmann

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Mike Riedmann

Our S.I.M.A certified snow plowing teams service the Greater Omaha and surrounding areas.

The product we use is significantly less corrosive and much more environmentally friendly than other ice-melting salts.

Offering Exceptional Winter Services with Unparalleled Quality.


If you are looking for professional anti-icing and de-icing services, turn to none other than Omaha Snow LLC. We are a locally owned and operated company that has been designing and implementing winter weather strategies for more than 10 years.

Anti-icing is a liquid chloride treatment that is applied to your parking lots, drives, and sidewalks before winter event arrives. A pre-treatment reduces the ice's ability to form and prevents snow from bonding to your surfaces.


The effectiveness of anti-icing has been proven through testing and research; it is the cutting edge technology for winter safety. Best of all, one treatment works for multiple days and nights, protecting your property against multi-day events.

Why Trust Us


Our snow plowing and anti-icing teams teams are certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).

We have serviced and protected properties for 10 years!​

  • Police Departments

  • Amazon

  • Costco

  • Prologis

  • CBRE

  • Virginia Mason Hospitals

  • Multi-Care Health Services

  • Sheriff Departments

  • Kidder Mathews

  • Common Spirit

  • Colleges

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