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About the Experts at Omaha Snow and Ice Control

Locally Owned

We take pride in delivering exceptional winter services while fostering a sincere commitment to community engagement. Beyond simply plowing snow, we consider ourselves an integral part of the communities we love. From volunteering to providing financial support, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact where it matters most. It's more than just business; it's a personal investment in the vibrancy and well-being of our local communities.

About Our Founders & President



Al and Krissy Riedmann

Al and Krissy have come back to Al's home state of Nebraska. Westside High School holds the memories of Al's high school journey, and his educational path led him to graduate from Wayne State College, shaping the foundation of his personal and professional growth. Al is designated as an approved Expert Witness for snow and ice related cases. Al stands among a select few Certified Snow Professionals, bringing over a decade of extensive experience and expertise.


Before establishing Omaha Snow LLC, Al served as the General Manager of Washington State's largest snow company for several years. Fueled by his passion for snow and leveraging his extensive experience, he founded Omaha Snow LLC, earning a reputation for over a decade of exceptional service in Puget Sound. Now, Al is dedicated to infusing these same values and his love for winter services into the heart of Nebraska, his cherished home state.

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Joining us this year, Mike Riedmann, an expert in Real Estate, new construction, and community development. Mike will be assisting in the growth of the Greater Omaha business and be leading efforts in developing new relationships and opportunities to further expand Riedmann Enterprises.


Mike grew up in Omaha, graduating from Wayne State College and acquired his license in Real Estate. Mike was promoted to President of NP Dodge Residential Sales Division and has significant recognition and involvement across Omaha Builders Association, Nebraska & Southwest Iowa Region American Red Cross, The Builders Foundation Committee… to just name a few. Riedmann Enterprise is excited and appreciative to welcome Mike, this year and for many years to come!


Mike Riedmann

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